For the last twenty years, Wetwall has enjoyed the top spot as Europe’s leading wall and shower panel supplier. But don’t worry, we haven’t got complacent.

As an alternative to tiles, Wetwall can create a beautiful bathroom or shower enclosure that will last for years. Specifically designed for wet areas, Wetwall panels are completely waterproof. Unlike tiles, Wetwall does not require grouting and is very low maintenance once installed. Wetwall can be fitted over existing surfaces, including tiles and can transform your bathroom or shower enclosure instantly.

We offer our panels in four different style ranges. Our Gloss range offers clean, crisp, glossy panels perfect for a minimalist bathroom. Boutique contains the panels with the boldest designs, for those who want to make a statement. Our Italian panels reflect the colours and textures of natural materials, whist our Classic range is for those who want an elegant touch to their bathroom.

Unlike tiles, no grout is required to fit the Wetwall system. This means less time to fit and an expert fitter is not required, which on average makes the Wetwall system around 25% cheaper than tiles. This also means that, unlike tiles, panels require very little maintenance, to keep them looking clean…and create a lot less mess, which is always a plus!