Our company was established in 1983. Since then, we have focused on being among the world’s best suppliers within a single core area – quality bathroom furniture. Our 200 plus employees are therefore highly specialised professionals, who know what it takes to develop, manufacture and market high quality Danish design.

During the many years of continual product development, our focus has always been on quality, design and functionality and we constantly strive to do things even better. That is why we consistently use the latest technology to optimise our processes. However, to this day, Dansani’s production is very much based on good craftsmanship traditions, down to the very last detail. It has never been Dansani’s ambition simply to manufacture products for the bathroom. On the contrary, what drives us is the challenge to develop, design, manufacture and supply high quality bathroom furniture at the right price.

In every home, the bathroom is the most important room. It needs to be practical and to function, and yet be a feast for the senses. DANSANI’s products tick all those boxes. It is a fundamental part of our strategy to offer functional furniture which provides good encounters of the bathroom kind and adds a sense of wellbeing to our customers’ daily lives.