The Britton Cleargreen baths (Bathroom Brands PLC) bring superb design and a wide choice of size and model configurations to meet your needs. From standard baths, to specially shaped shower baths and even free-standing baths, each manufactured from 30% recycled material.

Britton offers an extensive collection of free-standing, single or double ended, off-set and showering baths from the Cleargreen range. Each of the baths are manufactured to produce a greener product using 30% recycled material, built stronger to withstand an enormous weight of 2.3 tonnes. The baths manufactured in this way also retain heat for 30 minutes longer than a standard bath providing you with a longer, more relaxing bathe. The combination of the unique manufacturing process and steel re-inforcing rods within the bath rims, make Cleargreen baths the most rigid on the market.