Artelinea is the leader in the production and the treatment of crystal glass, a noble material with ancient origins.

ARTELINEA was founded in 1962 in the heart of Tuscany and is known though out Italy and the rest of the world for its exclusive production of bathroom furnishings which are characterised by quality, design and style.

By using innovative technologies and advanced machinery it has always been possible for Artelinea to move forward and remain a market leader by creating new product ranges and new production processes. However, at the same time, Artelinea also fully maintains and respects the tradition of craftsmanship which is well known in the local area surrounding the factory.

Two factories are spread over a large area hosting the Production Department, Technical Offices and the Sales and Administrative Offices. In the Production Department, expert technicians backed by high-technology and numeric control machines guarantee the superlative quality of the works conducted within the factory area.