Helo are the world’s leading sauna cabin & steam room/shower supplier. With over 40 years experience manufacturing equipment to the highest standard Helo have offered a comprehensive design facility in the UK since 1994, not only in sauna and steam but across the complete wellness spectrum. This extensive experience has given Helo a special position within the domestic / commercial health suite market and allows them to offer unparalleled product expertise with a wide and diverse range of product.

Today Helo offers a wide range of products to make a domestic leisure facility a simple reality offering steam products to suit any installation. Adding a steam generator and seating to a bespoke built enclosure means clients need not compromise – they can choose the exact size, tiles, door and shower to suit the overall design of their bathroom.

Products available include compact generators for loft or cupboard installation, generators with continuous steam function, steam room doors and bespoke benches. These together with specialist lighting, essence systems and audio visual are all offered to create bespoke steam rooms.