The StoneKAST legacy began in 1992 as a small team of stone carvers from Cape Town who shared a fascination of limestone, and it’s historic contribution to world architecture.

With experience in creating bespoke bathroom basins, the StoneKAST team focused their attention to limestone basin manufacturing. The mission was simple, to create an elegant range of beautiful and luxurious basins with timeless appeal.

In 1998 StoneKAST designed and manufactured the very first StoneKAST limestone bath which shared the same organic shape and name as the Picolo basin. Identified as having a European appeal, the bath was launched in the UK market later that year and the focus of the brand turned to the freestanding bath market.

A global brand famous for its natural sculpted beauty and bathing purity, StoneKAST carefully manufactures each bath and basin to the highest European standards from an advanced blend of natural limestone and modern resin.

Famous for their enduring designs, each of the eight bath tubs have been carefully designed in Switzerland, and emulate the beauty of the Swiss landscape, offering a lavish alternative to ordinary bathing whilst withstanding the rigours of everyday use.