Dornbracht – since 1950, this name has signified the production of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for the bathroom. Dornbracht represents the very highest quality of manufacture, progressive production and innovative design. The premium fittings of this family company have won numerous international awards, acting as a driving force for the developments and trends of an entire industry. Worldwide.

The design of the products is an expression of individual cultures in the kitchen and bathroom and does not follow fashion trends. Although Dornbracht fittings, such as the classic ‘Tara’ design, have been copied many times, nothing has ever achieved such creative and functional durability. The products, fittings, accessories, and systems such as the new ‘Ambiance Tuning Technique’, are unique and irreplaceable.

As a premium brand, the Dornbracht brand thrives on quality of materials and workmanship, on unmistakeable design and on functionality. But it also thrives on promises such as exclusivity and the expression of individual existence – where exploration of cultural identity links in and assists the brand’s constant learning process.