Wetroom Innovations offers a huge range of cutting-edge products now with a life-of-tiling warranty. Wetrooms are increasingly popular, with huge latent demand pending the end of the recession. The Wetroom trend continually influences contemporary bathroom design. This is because of the many significant benefits over an acrylic tray including more flexible design options, a more open accessible space, co-ordinated tiling throughout, the security of a tanked room, integrated drainage and the added monetary value to the home owners main asset.

Wetroom Innovations offers all shapes and sizes of wetroom drains with a large selection of grids, grates and covers so you can deliver a bespoke design. At the working end we’ll have a solution to avoid complex waste pipe runs and our drains are manufactured to be “fit and forget”. All come with high flow rates and easy access traps for routine cleaning.

With an extremely wide range of options and large stocks, we can supply high quality wetroom goods on a next day delivery at budget prices.