Founded in 1967, Catalano is today the first Italian company able to offer the highest productive quality in the “Made in Italy” sanitary-ware sector providing the finest, contemporary, Italian design, made to the highest standards and hand finished by skilled craftsmen.

Catalano invests and produces only in Italy, where each product is conceived, designed, produced, to ensure an inimitable standard of excellence: the production philosophy of the company has always been addressed to achieve a whole-Italian quality, that can be summed up in 4 key words:

VISION: intended as foresight and entrepreneurial skills, well demonstrated by the achievements and the projects which were pioneer concepts in the bathroom furniture field.

KNOW HOW: A very high quality, result of an industrial culture that matches a high-level automation with the inimitable craftsman capability developed along centuries in this geographic area.

VALUE: intended as search of excellence, passion, constant investment in machine technology, high efficiency of the entire manufacturing process, attention to end user needs, and products with reduced environmental impact.

DESIGN: intended as the whole planning process, which involves all the aspects of business: from product manufacturing to communication and service.